Friday, August 1, 2008

How to prepare for your portrait shoot...

It's been too long since I last posted...I've been very busy this summer shooting assignments for Federated Investors, PNC, and Alcoa along with many high school seniors.

For the seniors who haven't yet booked time, the clock is ticking! Get it done now before all the craziness of your senior school year start up. Check out information on and call or write for pricing info!

I shot some fun stuff this past week with a couple of seniors who wanted to show the sports they were involved with...
Patrick is a hunter so we HAD to shoot some outdoorsman photos along with the typical jacket and shirt combos for the yearbook. He also brought a ton of hockey equipment and uniforms that had an odor that is STILL burned in to my nostrils.
I know he laundered the stuff, but the newer manmade fabrics just hold in odors that will bring tears to your eyes!
BUT...we made some really fun hockey photos that I know we are both proud of and it was more than worth putting up with the stench :-)

Sean is into baseball, so I photographed him at a ball field.

It's important when thinking about your senior photos, to ask what you do for hobbies, sports, music, etc. If you let me know AHEAD of time, I can find really great locations that are appropriate and realistic. The better you prepare and communicate with me the better your photos are going to be. I am used to working quickly and making things up as I go, but if you don't bring the proper wardrobe and props, it is hard to make really dynamic photos that show you off. I really love it when my subjects are very involved, ask lots of questions, have ideas, and call me. I don't consider it a pain to answer your phone calls, but rather helpful for me to give you the best job possible!

The two photos are sepia black and whites of Sean and Patrick. Sean's photo is a bit esoteric for a senior picture, but I shot that photo for ME. The color versions looked great as well. But I like the simplicity of black and white when there are many elements to the photo...

PHOTO QUOTE OF THE DAY: You have to devote yourself TOTALLY to be successful at it.-Elliot Erwitt