Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nice to be back!

Mail order catalogs are piling up on my dining room table, the kids are asking "when are we putting up the Christmas tree"? and it is dark and cold outside. Must be December.

I've had a pretty busy year despite the crazy economy. Other than taking huge hits on my retirement fund (retirement is rapidly becoming a non-option), things have been pretty good. I've been busy doing commercial assignments for great clients like, Alcoa, Federated Investors, King Pharmaceuticals, PNC, and numerous editorial clients.
Also, I had a busy summer shooting senior portraits that took up the slack for a traditionally slow time. Been traveling a lot for both assignments and personal matters.

I traditionally look back at my business this time of year and try to figure out what went right and where I made bad decisions. Been this way for nearly 30 years so I guess something must be going right despite ups and downs in a very rocky economy.

I have a couple of more assignments to complete before the year ends. I'm working on a project currently with King Pharmaceuticals that has had me traveling around the country, shooting a CD cover for the country band, The Stickers, and working on some private portraits. Doing all this while trying to help my son get his college apps in, guide him working on his industrial design portfolio, basket ball games, fencing matches, family Christmas travels, Christmas shopping and on and on...I like being busy.

I'm going to post some pictures in the next few posts that reflect what I've been shooting since August and I hope to get a few posts in before the year is out.