Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mark Bolster speaks at Avonworth High School

I had fun yesterday meeting students from Avonworth High School and speaking to them about my work, life lessons, and tips on how to improve their photography. The yearbook staff was especially involved as they appreciated tips on how to make their camera be a more natural tool to use as well as composition help. The students really are amazing, and one of the things I enjoy so much about speaking to groups, classes, and doing book signings is that I always learn something. If not about photography, then I learn a little about myself. The kids at Avonworth are engaged and very polite. This comes from great parenting and excellent teachers that really care about their students. It was an absolute joy to be around them! Thanks Mrs. Frau and Mrs. Fox
for your hospitality and thank you to the library staff for helping with the a/v needs!

Also....congrats to the 6 time world champ, Pittsburgh Steelers! You gave us the best Superbowl I can ever recall seeing and made this past weekend way more fun than a human should be allowed to have! The game helped us all forget about a gloomy economy and crummy Pittsburgh weather for at least a few hours. The only downer was Dan Rooney thanking President Obama for the victory. If anyone can tell me what the Prez had to do with anything, I'd love to hear it... Sunday was NOT the time for politics. The parade was today in downtown Pittsburgh and hopefully everyone can get back to business now. Sunday's are going to be missing something for me (at least till Speedweeks in Daytona later this month!)

Here is a photo from last week's snowstorm taken in Butler Co.  Stay warm!