Monday, August 3, 2009

PIttsburgh G20...Coming soon to our town!

I've been very busy planning and marketing for the historical G20 Summit that will be taking over Pittsburgh on September 24-25. For the week prior to that time expect to see journalists from all over the world come to our city to start their reporting. I have already put one estimate out for event photography during the summit and I'm sure that more event opportunities will present themselves. It will be easier for media to rely upon local photographers than trying to book non existent rooms and have strangers dealing with tough travel restrictions. It will take a local to get through the streets and to their assignment with a minimum amount of hassle. I have also put together a proposal for the Pittsburgh ASMP chapter to have an awesome photo show at Pittsburgh International Airport. I'm waiting to hear if we can hold the show there, as it would be an amazing place for International travelers to get their first taste of Pittsburgh as seen through the eyes of some of Pittsburgh's best photographers.

For more info on the G20 feel free to stop over at another one of my blogs:

I'm also looking for partnerships that are interested in my book: Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait. The book would make a great gift to dignitaries from county offices, politicians and corporate hosts. It would be great for hotel gift baskets, a take away from dinners, etc. If anyone knows of any connections, I'd greatly appreciate hearing any information you might have!