Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, 2007

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! I'm planning on getting a lot of reading done. I'm currently reading, Boom! by Tom Brokaw. It is a great historical read if you are interested in how the sixties has shaped our present culture and society. I'm looking forward to getting some other books finished and maybe figuring out how to play their new Guitar Hero 3. My kids think I'm a total klutz, and I think they are probably right...I don't get how anyone gets those video games to work for them. Obviously I was born missing that video game gene...Will be attending a high school basketball tournament this week as well, which, I dare say...enjoy even more than Steeler football!

Book sales for Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait are going VERY strong. If you can't
find any at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble, I still have print/book packages available directly from me.

The Christmas tree photo was taken near Boise, Idaho a few years ago. The tree is safe from vandals unless it gets hit by a plane :-)

I'll post some new stuff at the start of 2008...Be safe...

Cohibas and cocktails,

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