Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Photo Editor Blog...or beating a hornets nest?

I've been reading the last couple of weeks a blog site that has been created by a New York photo editor. The blog site, A Photo Editor, is an interesting read and one filled with vast amounts of information and exasperation by photographers. One needs to read between the lines of whining, ego driven anecdotes, and out and out poor business practices but there are many gems to be mined here. For me it's a way to try to keep current on editorial trends, since having left New York a number of years ago (the center of the universe :-) I don't keep in touch with photo editors and fellow editorial shooters as much as I used to. The site seems to have really taken off, and it's apparent that many of the photo organizations still lack in the education department for upcoming photographers. Actually...the photo orgs are quite good, but I'm guessing that many newer people in the business and who have come to depend upon the world wide web as a source of free information, just won't bother forking over the dues to organizations that benefit everyone and not just members. So, how does this site differ? Whomever the Photo Editor is seems to have a great deal of experience and works for a larger consumer publication (at least that is my opinion, since Photo Editor hides behind anonymity)
Readers of the blog will find no-holds barred opinions from someone who actually hires photographers.
This is a terrific wake-up call to many people who thinks that the editorial business is something that it's not. There is also a place for photographers to post photos and links to their websites which looks great now, but most likely will be overun by mediocre work as the site gets more popular.
I tried to post and link my site on PE's blog, but had technical problems that I couldn't overcome posting my web link. So sadly, I couldn't post photos over there...
On the downside to the site...I HATE when people post not using their real names on websites
that deal with professionals and business issues. I feel if you can't post your name, you aren't worth reading. After all we not doing anything illegal here, but all trying to expand our knowledge of a business we love, struggle, and thrive with. I also question Photo Editors taste in photography sometimes when he (again I THINK... PE is a he) raves about certain photographers who look like they don't know anything about lighting, composition, and styling. But somehow they remain, "the flavor of the month".

So check out the APE blog and let me know what you think!

Today's photo: A warm up for a morning yoga class on South Beach, Miami...

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