Monday, February 4, 2008

New showing of New York Diana camera images

Good to be back writing...I've been extremely busy the last 3 weeks working on the King Pharmaceuticals annual report and traveling pretty heavy.  The shoot went well and the design of the annual by Taylor and Ives, from New York is really clean and I think one of the better books we've done yet.  The shoot was special because I've been working with senior designer, Trevor Paccione, for a number of years on this project, but yet had never had the opportunity to actually meet him in person.  Art direction was done by way of comps and pdf's.  Trevor went to all the sessions, and it was helpful having an extra set of eyes on the set and his suggestions were almost always spot on.  It is great working with an experienced designer who knows the pitfalls of corporate photography and understands the politics and people who are involved.
Having the designer travel and visit the facilities that I shoot in is also positive, in that he learned more about what I'm up against logistically scouting for fresh shooting environments.

Saturday, Feb. 9  The Bellevue Barbershop will be having another creative night party. Featured will be my toned, black and white Diana camera photos of New York City.  The photos are street photography in the purest form.  Subject matter is the streets of Manhattan and  Coney Island.

Aaron Stubna, owner of the shop works hard to promote local artists and promotes Bellevue
as the next upcoming hot neighborhood.  Try to stop by Saturday evening for some vino, food, music, and good conversation in a very unique setting for a photo show.  Be sure to say hello to me!

The images shown are part of the show.  If you can't make it to the show, you can see the images here: Diana Camera

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