Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Throw me a friggin bone...

So In October of 2007  I started this blog. The biggest reason for doing this was I figured it could drive some traffic to my Pittsburgh Photographer website, www.markbolster.com.
However, it has been fun writing about things that I might not normally discuss and showing images that might not make it on my photography portfolio website.  The hardest part is just keeping up on a daily basis while I'm trying to get work done for my photography business.

My dilemma is this...is there anyone out there in cyberspace that is actually reading this blog?? So far I have had a grand total of 2 comments. Not even from any family members!  If you stumbled upon this site PLEASE leave me a comment. Good, bad, indifferent. I don't care. I'm lonely. I need to feel the love. Do it today knowing you have made me feel better about myself.
Do it often. Let me know what you'd like to see or discuss. I'm doing this because I enjoy talking photography.

If you have any questions about the photography business in Pittsburgh, or just want to talk tech stuff, I'd be happy to give my two centavos.


Joe Marcus, Marcus Photography said...

Mark -- isn't it funny -- I started a blog in December - and I think I am the only one that reads it too -- I actually think it's quite good at times - although I have only posted 3-4 times - I am having fun with it -- so be rest assured that people do read these but like the posts on PNN they might not always respond --


Contrary to modern myth, blogs aren't read much - except if you happen to be rich or famous or notorious in the manner of Paris Hilton ... the archetypical spoiled brat, publicity seeker, party animal, and media whore.

Creating a blog doesn't open the cybergateway to "15 minutes of fame."

It seems to me you are already earning your place in the world the old fashioned way though dedication to your work, loyalty to worthy friends, and fun with your family. Mark, it doesn't get much better than that!

I discovered you through a web search for a pro photographer for an assignment in the Pittsburgh area; I narrowed the search from 150+ to 3, including YOU. So you're damn special, blogger or not.

As an alternative to blogging, I suggest writing the great American novel. But you've already published a book, so maybe that square on the chessboard of life is already occupied.

Keep on track,

Mike Mottler
Editor, TLR
Lionel Collectors Club of America

Carol said...

Hey Mark,

Believe it or not, people DO read blogs and I certainly would have enjoyed yours and moved on without comment but your plea was too moving!! :) Thanks for the post on editorial photography!! I learned quite a bit from you. I love it that people are willing to share their experiences. It makes for a much better world!! Take care!