Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Well, yesterday it snowed and snowed.  My kids had the day off and hit the neighborhood slopes hard.  I had a great time photographing them and just watching them play and build
ramps, pipelines, and rails in the woods next to the house.  It is refreshing to see the guys get away from the xbox and get the fresh air we all need.  I know I NEEDED some fresh air...
The play time was a great break for my oldest son, Michael who has been hitting the books hard prepping for his SAT's and my younger son, Tyler, who enjoys trying to keep up with Michael and friends Zach and Tommy, as they trick out death defying acts on their snowboards.
Ahh... to be young and have muscles and bones that recover quickly....Enjoy the day!

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Julie Bramlett said...

Great Pics Mark! The boys look like they are really having a blast! The only thing we get around here is usually ice and sleet. Oh well, that's the price I pay I guess! Love your blog...and you have shamed me! I will make it a point to log in more often because you are a great writer and a fantastic I have no excuses, right?!
Love you!