Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New B-52's FUNPLEX CD out TODAY!!!

My NYC bud photographer, Brad Trent reminded me today through his daily song of the day emailer that the B-52's after 16 years finally have a new CD out. I gotta tell you, I've always been a huge fan of these crazy party kids from Athens, GA and this new release sounds just as fresh as they did in the 80's when I listened to them on Long Island radio station, WLIR and wore out cassettes listening to them on my state of the art Sony Walkman while roller skating around Central Park. Kate, Cindy, Keith, and Fred are still at the top of their game and already the Apple iTunes store reviews gives the new release 4.5 out of 5 stars! The CD kicks off with "Pump" and just keeps getting better and has a couple of live recordings of the classics, Private Idaho and Planet Claire. This ones gonna be big...Pull out the lava lamp and start dancin....

On another front...a big THANKS to PittGirl for posting a write up on her blog: The Burgh Blog
giving a shout out mention about my book: Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait
Check out her writings about all things Pittsburgh!

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