Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Senior portrait...

This past week I've been putting together marketing materials for my other business, a senior portrait studio. I've really enjoyed photographing seniors during the slow summer months and the business continues to grow. Photographing seniors has proven to be a great supplement to my commercial business which has changed now that I no longer have an active stock agency licensing my work. What is fun is that the assignments aren't really much different than the typical editorial assignments I get. I enjoy photographing people in unique environments and customers looking for a "different" style of senior portraits are always thrilled with the locations, posing, and results I give vs. a typical wedding/portrait studio where photographers shoot 20 frames and have lights bolted to the floor or ceiling. Even my fees are typically higher than the average editorial shoot and I have very appreciative clients. One woman was moved to tears when she saw how her "little girl" was all "grown up" and how beautiful I made her look. Complements like that usually don't come from my commercial clients, and adds fuel to the creative fires that are smoldering in my brain.

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