Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reasons to consider UPS as your freight provider...

With women who look this great and have such friendly smiles, why would you choose any other shipper? The uniforms look nice too! As if you hadn't figured it out, the uniforms probably won't be seen on your block anytime soon... :-( The uniforms were designed as prototypes by fashion designers for Fashion Week in NYC. My client, UPS asked me to photograph the runway for six upcoming designers. As a Fashion Week sponsor they also held a fun party after the show and models mingled with guests and sales staff and showed what imaginative designers could do to make "Big Brown" look better. Don't you think they look fab?
Of course, many of the UPS workers who were on hand for the festivities HAD to be photographed with the leggy models!
One man, who shall we say was "vertically challenged" thought he might look funny with a model towering over him, so we improvised. A fun time was had by all on 7th Avenue!

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