Tuesday, April 22, 2008

High wire act AND some love from Professional Photographer...

This was shot while I was on assignment in Puerto Rico for Mylan Labs. I was shooting a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility that was under construction. I was on a roof top doing "poor man" aerial photography, when I noticed this scene taking place a few blocks over. I shot it with a 400mm lens. The job is not for anyone who is afraid of high voltage or skittish about heights. Watching the worker prance around on high tension tower was fun. He certainly didn't show any trepidation about his job and moved swiftly about the structure. I'm sure the safety belt he was wearing helped add that extra sense of security.

I learned today that Professional Photographer magazine will be featuring me in a profile in their June issue. With a little luck, I'll get the cover as well. Too early to tell, but I'm excited about being profiled by Ellis Veener who wrote the article on how I approach executive and upper management portraiture. I gave them 18 portraits to pick from for the article, so it will be interesting to see what images they like the best. Professional Photographer is the official magazine of the PPofA (Professional Photographers of America) which is the largest and premier photo organization in the United States that advocates for over 19,000 member professional photographers. I am humbled to be featured in a magazine for an organization that has some very talented members and I hope my work and story inspires!

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