Thursday, April 3, 2008

Senior Picture time is getting closer!

I've been quite busy preparing marketing materials, package pricing, and senior picture updates to my website: seniorpics  The senior portrait session season will start soon mostly because the weather gets warmer and so many of you want photos done outdoors.  I'm really psyched for the Class of 2009 and I've got A LOT of really neat tricks up my sleeve so you'll be certain to have a unique look and photos you'll be proud of many years after you graduate.  I've seen way TOO MANY yearbook pictures that look cookie cutter and to be frank, it should be an embarrassment to have your photo look EXACTLY like 6 other seniors in your class.  After all, if you showed up to the prom and 3 other girls were wearing YOUR dress, I don't think you'd be a very happy camper!  Unfortunately, this happens all too often when photographers either refuse to shoot different locations, fail to listen to your requests, or simply aren't creative enough to photograph you in an interesting manner...I mean come many fences and waterfalls can one photograph before burning out?   I don't have anything against waterfalls or fences, but at least move the camera and change a lens once in awhile to get something DIFFERENT!!!!  Now to be fair to other photographers, not all Seniors are willing to put the time in for great pictures(and you GUYS know who you are :-)  Making great Senior pictures is a two way street.  Photographers need to have their seniors have an open mind and be willing to experiment and spend a few hours to get great shots.  However, if a photographer isn't willing to work his/her hardest to get those once in a lifetime shot, you are being short changed.  Cheap photography is easy to find, but quality lasts forever and costs less in the long run.  I WANT to work with seniors who consider their portrait session a TEAM effort, and I have YET to find a senior who has more energy than I do once the camera starts clicking!

If you are presently a junior in the Avonworth and Quaker Valley school districts, plan on receiving direct mail offers and promotions within a month or two.  I HAPPILY shoot seniors from ANY school district, but concentrate my marketing efforts currently within this area. Nothing against you great seniors from other districts...I would love to get a call from ANY senior, regardless of school district and have the opportunity to make you look as good as you can be! If you don't get any mailing please just give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll get all the info to you right away!

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