Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another Orphan Works opinion...

From yesterdays New York Times by Lawrence Lessig, law professor at Stanford University. Folks, this is a REALLY bad idea and I hope that there will be enough public outcry to scrap this ugly legislation and start with a clean slate if needed. On a professional photographers forum that I participate in and follow closely, one photographer made sense of this farce. When another poster pointed out that passage of this bill equates to being caught stealing from a store, you would only be responsible for paying for the item, Editorial Photographers (EP), Brian Smith wrote: "Excellent point, however it's actually worse than that...If you use the store anology, Ophan Works means IF you catch someone stealing your work and IF you pay the legal costs to take that infringer to court and IF the court rules in your favor, THEN you can collect the cost of the item they stole." Please contact your state representative to voice your concern immediately!

Photo Quote of the Day: You have to be ready for luck-Neil Leifer

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