Friday, May 9, 2008

Get Well Dick Dale...

I was saddened to recently learn that one of my all time guitar heros, Dick Dale, recently was diagnosed with a re-lapse of rectal cancer last month. Dick who almost single handedly became the father of heavy metal and surf guitar rock in the early 60's has had an amazing life.
He became popular by playing louder, faster, blowing up Fender amps, and rocking the house down at just about every place he played. His music was the staple for surf movies in the 60's and Dale was every bit a California Surf legend. He is a true renaissance man who no doubt will have a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
At 71 years old he flies his own plane, has a place in the California desert complete with airstrip, has a zoo full of exotic animals, and unlike most rock and rollers doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. He is truly a man high on life and up until last year his energy level performing in concert would put "youngsters" half his age to shame. Dick's career received a huge boost in the arm when his song, Miserlou, was featured in Tarentino's Pulp Fiction. Since then he has toured steadily, and his music has been used as soundtracks in numerous television commercials and has enjoyed a strong following of surf music fans who lovingly refer to themselves as "Dick Heads"

Up until a few months ago he was still touring and blowing out eardrums with his speed playing, heavy reverb and Fender Strat which is wound tighter than a duck's ass...He is currently undergoing another round of chemo following surgery and according to his webiste, hopes to take some time off in Hawaii to do a little surfing and heal as soon as he can. Dick..I wish you nothing but the best. Your music has meant a great deal to me and I can only hope to have your energy when I reach your age. Take care of yourself, beat the demon, and I look forward to seeing you again when you hit the road!

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