Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad News for Photographers

This information has been brewing on the pro photo forums for the past couple of days, and
it is VERY disturbing.  Ad agency giant, OMNICOM, now thinks that photographers should happily take all the risk for not getting paid by THEIR clients, like GM and who knows who else?
There aren't any photographers that I know of who can produce an auto shoot without an advance for at LEAST the expenses which can run into hundreds of thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the shoot.  This practice almost assures photographers working under these conditions will have a strong possibility of financial ruin.  It has become very apparent that much of corporate America does not believe in fiscal responsibility (see AIG...)  I urge all photographers to start demanding cash advances on ALL jobs and not just larger ones.  We simply can no longer afford to work as we have in the past.  Here is ASMP Executive Director, Gene Mopsiks view on this mess: ASMP STATEMENT

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