Monday, March 2, 2009

Becoming More Social on the Internet

It seems like lately anytime I start writing for my blog, it begins something like this:  "sorry I haven't written anything or added to the blog....".  Unfortunately, this entry isn't a whole lot different.  One of the reasons for my lack of white noise here has been that I have put some recent energy into my LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  They are both quite different from each other.  LinkedIn is far more professional and has been a nice tool to help me keep track of old clients, future clients and fellow professionals.   Facebook is more for friends and family and old college chums that like to re-live the good old days.  Both have their place and I've really enjoyed the instant feedback that you get on those types of forums v. the Blog where sometimes I think I'm just talking to myself!  I will keep posting on occasion here when I think I've got something interesting to talk about or show.  I hope if you are a regular reader here, that you'll stop by on my LinkedIn page or Facebook page, check out my profile, and make me a "friend" or "connection".  I'd love to hear from you! 

Since I've been trying hard to eat a little healthier lately and shed some pounds, I was inspired by this panoramic photo I shot some time ago...Enjoy the day!

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