Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Pittsburgh Beauty Photography

I think I'll start posting more pictures and writing less.  The former is what I'm better at anyway!
I worked with Pittsburgh makeup artist Patty Bell and hair stylist Sandee Scott to create these images.  They both worked incredibly hard and I love the creative energy that surrounds us when we all work together.  Enjoy the day!

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karenbanfield said...

Hey, Mark,
Nice to see your blog. My daughter is a photographer too in Portland,
Check her out. Your parents are my mom's neighbor in NY. I have the well-met blog, and I know what you mean about lack of feedback. Sometimes I want to make a post that says, If any of you want me to keep on writing, for god's sake, let me know you're reading this thing! Blog posting can be lonesome territory. Anyway, I'm enjoying yours. Love, Karen Banfield