Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's see some blue skies for cryin out loud...

You can almost tell by my photo selections this past week that the days were shorter this week due to setting clocks back. Always a very depressing time. Cold, dark, cloudy and a lack of sun this week has put me in foul mood. Most of the posted photos were monochromatic and dark. Here is a sunny day photo for a change ...It's a garage for a townhouse complex that I shot while ago on a real estate assignment for JP Morgan.
Think Spring! (anyone getting the idea that I'm not a winter kinda guy???)

Today will be different. I'll be in FRONT of the camera as the subject. Tom Steiner of the Citizen will be interviewing me about my new book, Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait. He wants to shoot a portrait to go with the article at the West End Overlook that looks out on the Golden Triangle. I will do my best to avoid asking the cliche, "did you bring your skinny lens"? Should be fun and I'm looking forward to meeting Tom.

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