Friday, November 23, 2007

Video that has creatives abuzz...

This video by Hollywood screen writer, Harlan Ellison has photographers, artists, writers, and anyone else who works for themselves saying, "Right On"!!!!  The video should be required viewing for anyone joining any "professional" organization as Harlan cuts through the chase in his rant about actually being paid to do work. What a novel concept...So many photographers have seen this video, that I would imagine in the last couple of weeks, many buyers looking for freebies have had their heads ripped off by the artist at the other end of the phone.  And they should.  In my experience, EVERY buyer calling me for photography generally gets a paycheck, but yet too many times, they ask for freebies.  Go figure....?????
Being a PROFESSIONAL creative person is damn hard work, no security, requires a huge investment in time and money, and is an overcrowded career that has 20 wannabees for every true professional.  This video short is the new Rocky theme song in which I can imagine creative people clutching their cameras, pens, and keyboards running up the steep stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum, working together and standing united for fair business practices and respect.  The video has some rough language, so be forewarned. HARLAN ELLISON RANT

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