Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Off to shoot pharma for a couple of days...

I probably won't make any posts for a couple of days, as I'm headed up to Toronto to shoot for one of my favorite clients, King Pharmaceuticals. I've shot their annual report and senior management for a few years now and they are a delight to work with, and appreciative of all the hard work and hours that I put in for them in numerous locations around the country.

Tommorow will be my first trip to Canada in six years and I'm a little nervous about going through Canadian customs with my photo gear. Canadians for whatever reason really don't want US photographers working in their country even for just a few days. CANADIAN shooters seem to come and go into the US without any problems, but even with NAFTA in effect, if you come across a Customs agent who hasn't yet had his coffee, had a fight with his wife, or doesn't like the shirt you are wearing, they can make entry miserable.

Oh's all part of being a road warrior and having backup plans in place if things suddenly turn for the worse. Been there...done that. These are a couple of photos that were culled from last year's annual report assignment.

On another front...Just heard from my publisher today, and my book, Pittsburgh: A Photographic Portrait has arrived in the Boston warehouse and will ship to bookstores
later this week! I will be also be getting the advance copies this week, so those of you who have pre-ordered the signed book/print package can expect to receive yours very soon. The book is a couple of weeks behind schedule due to some minor printing problems and the entire run needed to be reprinted and bound. Thankfully, the printer was able to get the book reprinted in a fast track mode and we are good to go! I'll send an email reminder to friends of Mark Bolster Photography next week to remind you all that books are available and that Christmas is coming quick...(hint.hint...)

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