Monday, November 12, 2007

A true Pittsburgh "Steeler"...

I had a call last week from a NYC designer needing a steel industry portfolio for a potential assignment. No problem...been doing that sort of thing for quite some time, though the steel business isn't the same as it was when I first got into the photography business. Thought I'd drop a forgotten photo on the blog. Watching steel being made is probably one of the most fascinating things most people will never get the chance to see. It's hot. It's cold. It's noisy, and dangerous work. Shooting in a mill takes a lot of stamina, patience, and most importantly eyes in the back of your head to be on the lookout for dangerous machinery, hot stuff, and caustic chemicals. Most of the large mills have gone overseas, but there are still quite a few "mini-mills" in our area that makes high quality specialty steel that is second to none on the world market. This was an outake from an annual report for Universal Stainless and Alloy.

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